Jumada Al-Awwal 1441
22 January 2020

The Art of Improvisation on Theater

Last Modified Thu, 2019/07/25 - 21:44

The Student Activity Unit has organized a competition entitled “The Art of Improvisation on Theater”.
Aim of the competition :
1. Develop public speaking skills and Arabic Language
2. Boost confidence and refrain from fear of facing public
3. Spread a sense of competition among students
Summary :
Three different topics were selected for students to prepare them in advanced. Via a draw luck, students are asked to talk about one these topics based on certain criteria determined by the jury panel.
The jury panel includes: Dr. Omaima Hassan, Department of Islamic Studies
Dr. Fawzyah Abdelsameey, Department of Arabic Language
Winners are: first place: Maha Al-Masud,
Second place : Sara Rashid
Third place : Reham Al-Batel