A brief of the Scientific Board:

The Scientific Board is of great importance to the university because it has several and vital duties that contribute to the realization of the message and objectives of the university. Recommending the appointment of teaching staff members after evaluating their credentials, determining promotions, laying the grounds of motivating researchers to be creative and innovative, suggesting the establishment of research centers, coordinating between the existing centers and recommending the establishment of scientific associations – are among its important duties.

On the first of Rabie’ Thani, 1431, the Scientific Board was formed in the university with his Excellency the Vice-Rector for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research as chairman, and six other staff members. It held several meetings in which many subjects were discussed and many decisions were made, the most out-standing of which was the distribution of the duties of the board on three administrative units: one for appointments, one for promotions and one for publishing and translation. The board has also exercised its authority in promoting, appointing and transferring a number of staff members, as well as determining the constraints on the attendance of conferences and seminars for Non-Saudis. It also finalized the bylaws of the board.