The universities that are listed under the system of higher education institutions are considered the primary incubators for supporting and developing the scientific research. Undoubtedly, the benefits and positive effects of the scientific research reach all the society classes. This is part of "Societal Partnership" which through all society members and institutions contribute effectively to support the scientific research and other sciences that help achieve the development and advancement to the society, resolve its problems and reinforce its potentials and capabilities.

The research chairs are believed to be the most fundamental resources in developing the scientific knowledge, modern technology and achieving societal development. They are important in knowledge excellence in societal, economic and scientific fields. Also, they contribute to improving innovation and creativity that aims to achieve the societal partnership with both humanitarian and financial aspects. In fact, these research chairs can help the university gain more benefits from technologies and other potentials available at the university that could be of help for the society and its problems and enrich knowledge.