Message from the Director


All praise is due to Allah, and Allah's Peace and Blessings be upon His Final Messenger. Due to the importance of communication with other cultures and in compliance with Majma’a University’s striving and perseverance to occupy a prominent position in the field of academic research among all Saudi and international universities, a degree was issued by the university to establish the publishing and translation center which aims to encourage faculty members to place a great deal of concern on the scientific production including published and translated books, glossaries and encyclopedias in their respected fields. Such scientific production should be of very fine quality, published and printed out in order to provide students and researchers with the up-to-date textbooks and references which will contribute in creating a well-educated society. The center also intends to promote the university journals; humanities and administrative science journal, health sciences journal and engineering and applied sciences journal through publishing. As a result of the support received from His Excellency the Rector and His Vice for Postgraduate Studies and Academic Research, the center strives in all possible ways to achieve its objectives and to conquer an eminent position among other publishing and translation centers. Finally, I would like to extend my thanks and appreciations to the efforts exerted by those who preceded me in leading this center and I wish the best of luck for the center of publishing and translation. Prof. Ahmed Mohammad Salem