Legal Aspects of Social Media

Book title: Legal Aspects of social media websites 

(Problems of privacy, freedom of expression, intellectual property, and evidence)

Author: Dr. Ashraf Jaber

Edition: First

Number of pages: (148) medium-sized pages

Publication year: 1437 AH

Deposit number: 224/1437

Publishing house: Publishing and Translation Center - Al Majmaah University

ISBN: 5- 9639 – 01- 603- 978

Why this book?

This book includes a brief study of some of the legal aspects of social networking websites and the problems they raise. These are problems that deserve further research and study as a reflection of the impact of these sites on many traditional legal solutions.

Since social media websites are an unlimited virtual space and have no limit or are not bound by any restriction, this is what has created an urgent need to protect personal data and the private lives of people in this world.

This book addresses this issue in detail, as it reviews many of the legal problems raised by social media sites, which affect every user of these sites. The importance of this book comes from the fact that these sites are not subject to specific legislation.

At the top of these problems is the problem of protecting the user’s privacy, whether with regard to his personal data, or his right to the image, whether during his lifetime or after his death.

The book also addresses the limits of freedom of expression on these sites, what falls within the scope of this freedom, and what goes beyond it. Protecting intellectual property rights through these sites represents an important aspect of this book, especially with regard to the limits of protecting electronic content if it meets the elements of a work that enjoys legal protection.

With this important and interesting subject, the book is an indispensable read, not only for those concerned with legal affairs in the Kingdom but also for general readers who use social media in general.