Managing Change (Intellectual foundations and absolutes)

Book title: Managing Change

(Intellectual foundations and absolutes)

Author: Dr. Ibrahim bin Abdullah Abdul Rahman Al-Zuaibar

Edition: First

Number of pages: (257) medium-sized pages

Publication year: 1434 AH

Deposit number: 4686 / 1434

Publishing house: Publishing and Translation Center - Majmaah University

ISBN: 0- 2224 – 01- 603- 978

Why this book?

Since the current changes in our world revolve around the human being as an individual and as a group, modern organizations in turn need change to develop or witness qualitative breakthroughs in operations, as well as a radical and rapid redesign of the systems, policies, and organizational structures that support these operations.

This book deals with a modern topic and an important aspect of the development and modernization of systems and organizations, which is the change management process and its philosophical and intellectual dimensions in a clear and accessible scientific manner. It focuses on the processes and activities in the work environment within the organization.

The book consists of (275) pages and seven chapters listed under two sections: the first one deals with modern management and its theories. The first chapter covers the concept of management and its functions, the second chapter talks about the development of administrative thought. 

The second one dealt with change management in modern organizations. The author identified the basic requirements of change management, change management in the work environment, then the relationship of change to creative leadership and its role in technical and information development. Then the book concludes with the most important modern applications of change management.