Vision & Message & Value


Leadership and excellence in the activity of authoring, publishing, and translation to provide valuable sources; scientific and cognitive, and are useful to the community in accordance with the international norms and standards .


Provide a stimulating scientific environment on authoring, publishing, and translation and disseminate the outstanding intellectual and scientific production  of the employees of the university, in order to achieve the sustainable development and the cognitive society .


The centre of Publishing and Translation aims to:

1 - Meet the needs of the University of Majmaah from textbooks , research and references.

2 - Meet the needs of the community of the beneficial cultural books .

3 - Encourage faculty members and researchers at the university on authoring and translating  books, references, and research .

4 – Encourage the movement of Translation and Arabization at the university, support it,  and write the scientific terms in Arabic.

5 - Disseminate the scientific work and research such as the research , studies , books , periodicals, articles, scientific reports , newsletters and others which have been issued by the university. In addition to what is being issued from the scientific conferences and symposia that have been organized by the University as well as Masters' dissertations and PhDs' dissertations .

6 - Improve the performance of the university and its outputs in the local and international exhibitions .

7 – Strengthen cooperation and partnership among universities, publishers, and the outstanding Centres of Publishing and Translation locally and internationally.

8 - Issue research and work papers at conferences and seminars that are being organized by the university .

9 - Take advantage of modern technologies in publishing and translation .

10 -Establishment of scientific conferences and seminars and the workshops that relate to the  issues of publishing, authoring, and translation.