Message from the Director



Writing, publishing, and scientific research are considered essential for Majmaah University besides education and community service. The primary aim of publishing is to share the researchers and faculty members' intellectual ideas with the reader and researcher in and outside the university.

writing, translation and scientific publishing are one of MU's top priorities. With that in mind, MU established this specialized scientific center that is funded and backed with highly-qualified experts and state-of-the-art technologies.

To increase the volume of scientific productions, the center strives to motivate faculty members to excel in the fields of scientific research, translation, and writing. The center specializes in publishing exceptional scientific production of the university in different fields in accordance with international standards for publishing. Works are published after being approved by the Scientific Council. The Center’s publications vary to include: reference books, translated books, textbooks, publishing and printing valuable and pioneering books as well as the peer-reviewed scientific journals: Journal of Engineering Sciences, Journal of Humanities and Administrative Sciences, Majmaah Journal of Health Sciences, and the Annals of Majmaah University for Research and Studies.

This is an attempt by the university to make modern scientific references, specialized textbooks, and scientific, health, administrative, and engineering journals more accessible to researchers, students, and members of society. The Center also coordinate scientific publishing and translation with Saudi universities and similar centers to achieve its mission and goals.

Dr. Ali Al-Dakhil