Introduction in Recalling Heritage Figures in Saudi Poem

Title of book: Introduction in Recalling Heritage Figures in Saudi Poem Author: Dr. Abdullah Bin Khalifah Al-Sweikit First edition Number pages: 188 Date and place of publishing: 1433, The Publishing and Translation Center, Majmaah University ISBN: 1658 – 6325 Why this book is published? It is widely believed that the cultural, religious and historical heritage has important values in our Saudi modern poem. It is deemed an essential inspirational source for many modern poets who managed to bring the spirit and originality of the past as well as building the past based on modern vision. This means that the past exists in the present. This book defines the concept of recalling in poem and heritage. Moreover, it also discusses the view of Arab poets from the heritage. One chapter is dedicated to the intellectual and literary motives for recalling the heritage figures in Saudi poem. Finally, a detailed account was given to the approaches embraced by Saudi poets towards the heritage figures, the stages of this recalling and the prominent figures being recalled in modern poem. This topic is very rich and informative and will add up to the Arabic literary library.