In alignment with global sustainability goals, Saudi Arabia is actively addressing responsible consumption and production practices, aiming to minimize environmental impact and promote efficient resource use. The Kingdom has recognized the importance of adopting sustainable consumption patterns to ensure the well-being of both the environment and society.


Saudi Arabia is taking significant steps to address waste management, including the reduction of plastic usage and the promotion of recycling initiatives. The government has implemented various policies and campaigns to raise awareness about responsible consumption, waste reduction, and proper disposal methods.


Majmaah University, as a key player in this national initiative, is actively contributing to responsible consumption and production. The university is committed to minimizing its environmental footprint by adopting sustainable practices within its operations. This includes initiatives to reduce, reuse, and recycle waste generated on campus.


One notable aspect of Majmaah University's commitment is the emphasis on minimizing plastic usage. The university has implemented measures to reduce the use of single-use plastics across its facilities. This includes the promotion of reusable alternatives, such as water bottles and containers, to encourage responsible consumption among students, faculty, and staff.


Majmaah University is also engaged in awareness campaigns and educational programs to highlight the importance of responsible consumption and waste reduction. These initiatives aim to instill a sense of environmental responsibility among the university community, encouraging individuals to make sustainable choices in their daily lives.


Additionally, the university collaborates with local authorities and organizations involved in waste management and recycling efforts. By participating in community-wide initiatives, Majmaah University contributes to the broader goal of achieving responsible consumption and production practices in the Kingdom.


In conclusion, both Saudi Arabia and Majmaah University recognize the importance of responsible consumption and production in building a sustainable future. Through collaborative efforts, awareness campaigns, and practical measures, the Kingdom is striving to minimize waste and promote sustainable practices, with Majmaah University playing a crucial role in advancing these objectives within the academic community and beyond.

The Female Section of the College holds an exhibition of student activity entitled "Book Rotation"


Under the patronage of His Excellency Dr. Abdul Rahman bin Abdullah Al-Atram, Dean of the College, the Female Section of the College held an exhibition entitled "Book Rotation" as part of the College's plan for student activities, and the exhibition adopted the development of the culture of book recycling through the exchange of educational and scientific books among students to spread the benefit, and the work of a group of quotes to discuss and comment on, and educational and awareness leaflets were distributed on the importance of reading.

UQU Vice President Reviews the Form of the Initiative to Recycling Damaged Heaters

During the visit of His Excellency the Vice President of the University, Prof. Dr. Muslim bin Muhammad Al-Dosari, the initiative to recycle damaged heaters was presented, which is used in drip tree irrigation, and this initiative comes from the employee / Abdul Majeed Al-Atiwi, and His Excellency the Vice President praised the idea, which indicates interest, keenness and innovation that benefits the environment.

Computer Parts Recycling

 A wonderful and beautiful work from the preparatory year students and coordinated by Ms. Omaima, coordinator of the Deanship in Zulfi, to recycle computer parts and benefit from them I leave you with pictures

Effectiveness ( Textbook Rotation )

The Department of Business Administration in the female sections held an event (textbook rotation), for a week from the beginning of Sunday 1437/4/14 AH until the end of Sunday 1437/4/21 AH led by Ms. Bodour bint Hamoud Al-Tuwaijri, where the event targeted the students of the department to exchange textbooks among them, and more than (250) textbooks were rotated for more than (90) beneficiary students, and the event received great interaction and praise from the department, its management, and other departments.


Book Rotation Event: Under the slogan Put One Book and Take Another

The College of Science and Human Studies in the female sections held a book recycling event, and the book recycling project aims to benefit the following students who cannot buy books either for financial reasons or their lack of availability in libraries, and also aims to introduce the importance of books and preserve them and spread the culture of preserving books and redistributing them again

The project included accompanying brochures and brochures containing the visions and objectives of the project, as well as many books on all sciences, which benefited many students.

The project was implemented on Thursday 2/7/1437 AH under the supervision of Ms. Jameela Al-Qahtani.

Scientific meeting at the Department of Physics on the manufacture and characterization of lead borate glass



The Scientific Research Committee of the Department of Physics organized a scientific meeting on the manufacture and characterization of lead-bismuth borate glass, which includes cement kiln dust and its role in radiation protection, presented by Prof. Dr. Yasser Bakr Siddiq.

The meeting dealt with the following themes:

- Definition of cement kiln dust - harms, composition and importance.

- How to recycle dust and turn it into an effective environmentally friendly product.

- Characterization of the glass resulting from it by studying its properties and the effect of radiation on these properties.

- A research published from this study was also reviewed in a scientific journal in the first quarter.

At the end of the meeting, the floor was opened for discussion and answering the interventions of faculty members and master's students


The General Administration of Facilities and Housing participates in the Environment Week

 Within the activities of the Environment Week and in partnership with the General Administration of Occupational Health and Environment, the General Administration of Facilities and Housing participated in several events, including the initiative to recycle damaged heaters, which are used to irrigate trees with a distillation system, and the distribution of dedications and brochures containing tips and instructions of interest to the environment, as well as awareness phrases that were published on dot screens, and several housing events were held for men, women and children, and the Director General of Housing Facilities participated in the inauguration day, which was launched in the presence and honor of His Excellency the Vice President of the University, Prof. Dr. Muslim bin Muhammad Al-Dosari, in the presence of the Director General of the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture Branch in Majmaah Governorate, and a number of heads of associations interested in the environment, and thanks to the General Administration of Operation and Maintenance for distributing seedlings, which were planted in housing.

See also: Activating the Environment Week in Majmaah Housing

The Community Service Unit at the College of Education in Majmaah launches an initiative to preserve and recycle paper in university housing in Majmaah

The Community Service Unit at the College of Education in Majmaah launches an initiative to preserve and recycle paper in university housing in Majmaah

Within the framework of cooperation between the Community Service Unit at the College of Education in Majmaah and local community institutions represented by Sawaed Association in Majmaah Governorate,

The unit presented the initiative (paper preservation and recycling), which aims to provide (4) containers for preserving paper in the university housing in the university city in Majmaah.

This initiative seeks to glorify the name of God Almighty, and to recycle paper, textbooks, paper newspapers and other types of paper by placing them in containers.

Dedicated to providing a safe environment in a civilized manner, and applying the values of cooperation to righteousness and piety.

The initiative was launched by the coordinator of the Community Service Unit, Mr. Abdulaziz Al-Saeed, representing the College of Education in Majmaah.

In the presence of Mr. Khatam Al-Mutairi, representative of Sawaed Association in Majmaah Governorate. The initiative comes within the plan of the Community Service Unit at the college for the academic year 1439-1440 AH.

College students make a scientific trip to the alloy foundation factory for metalworking in Sudair City for Industry and Business

College students make a scientific trip to the alloy foundation factory for metalworking in Sudair City for Industry and Business

The Student Activities Unit at the College organized a scientific trip for students to the alloy foundation factory for metalworking, consisting of eleven students from all departments of the college, accompanied by Dr. Tariq Nabil and Mr. Faris bin Saad Al-Saeed from the Student Activities Unit, on Wednesday 3/7/1440 AH.

This scientific visit comes to the practical application of the "Engineering Technology" course that students study during the current semester. During its scientific visit to the factory, the college delegation was briefed on the latest scientific and technical methods for dealing with steel at all stages of its manufacture, which includes methods of turning, manufacturing, bending and cutting iron. At the end of the visit, the college delegation expressed its happiness with the development of scientific cooperation with practical factories that serve the engineering industries, which contributes to linking the theoretical side with the practical side, which works to consolidate the basic engineering concepts among students.