Sustainable Development Club

Welcome to the official website of the Sustainable Development Club at Majmaah University. This page aims to make the communication process between our members and visitors much easier. The page also provides you with a highlight about the club’s members and activities.


 The Club seeks to promote the concept of sustainable development and create a sustainable environment through collective work.

 Our mission is to effectively utilize the resources available from each club member and boost the members' confidence.

 Head of the Sustainable Development Club


We seek to encourage and promote the culture of sustainability and environmental awareness among students and stimulate active participation in activities and initiatives that contribute to preserving the environment and promoting sustainable development in the university community.



We strive to achieve a sustainable lifestyle and promote social responsibility among students at Majmaah University. We aim to be pioneers in organizing events and projects that contribute to preserving the environment and enhancing awareness of sustainability.



- Promote awareness of sustainability among university members.

- Encourage a sustainable lifestyle on campus.

- Contribute to relevant environmental and social projects.

- Motivate research and innovation in the areas of sustainability.

- Develop a platform for exchanging ideas and experiences on sustainability topics.

Initiatives Management and Vision Realization Office

The Kingdom’s Vision 2030 is deemed one the important areas for universities to their influential role on societies and capacity to support developmental issues related to developmental plans. With that in mind, universities are obligated to establish a department – subsumed under the university’s higher management- to act as a representative through which universities can undertake their role of activating the Kingdom’s vision 2030. Thus, MU has set up the Vision Realization Office to be in charge of fulfilling the vision requirements at the university. 

Goals of Vision Realization Office

  1. Support the national transformation plan to achieve the Kingdom’s vision 2030
  2. Utilize the university’s facilities in serving the community
  3. Contribute in assisting the university in supporting the national development plan
  4. Work on making knowledge more accessible for everyone
  5. Educate a large number of people with minimum expenditure
  6. Participate in prioritizing the university’s priorities based on the requirements of the national transformation program. 


- To plan, build, implement, and evaluate programs that contribute to helping the university achieve the requirements of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, internally and externally.

Training and Workshops

  • Coordination with public institutions to activate the kingdom’s vision 2030
  • Introducing initiatives of the kingdom’s vision 2030 
  • A workshop for coordinators assigned to introduce the kingdom’s vision 2030
  • How to use the indicators’ system?

Performance Measurement Platform

About the System:

Performance indicators are used for measuring the success of any organization in achieving their major goals. That usually helps these organizations in serving beneficiaries in the best possible way. These indicators allow organizations to understand the processes that need to be implemented, and to ensure that decisions are based on facts, information and figures as well as identifying ways to improve work. In a nutshell, it enables organizations to monitor performance regularly.


In line with the importance of performance indicators and at the request of the directives of Rector of the University, Dr. Khalid bin Saad Al-Muqrin, Majmaah University has placed considerable attention to these indicators.


Since its establishment, MU launched the first strategic plan which featured performance indicators which contributed to controlling the progress of the university. At this stage, the university’s first guide to measure performance indicators was issued.


As continuous development is one of the university’s undoubtful pursuits, a mechanism for managing performance indicators was developed, in conjunction with the university’s launch of its second strategic plan.


The idea of developing these indicators has guided the university to establish the General Administration for Strategic Planning, which is currently in charge of performance indicators.


Since there is an inclination by organizations worldwide to automate their procedures to raising efficiency by speeding achievements while reducing costs, MU has built its own management system for performance indicators.


MU’s Performance Indicators Management System is an accessible portal to manage and automate the procedures of strategic plan and performance indicators. The system helps in building a strategic plan and managing performance indicators by setting target values ​​based on measurement and saving all measurements of performance indicators in a unified user-friendly database that allow printing reports.


General Administration of Occupational Health and Environment Departments



Enhancing occupational health and employee productivity at Majmaah University , and reducing occupational injuries


​1. Providing a healthy university environment.

2. Increasing the productivity of university employees by achieving a healthy university environment.

3. Reducing the exposure of university employees to sources of danger in the work environment.

Initiative for Improving the City University's Environment and Sustainability for the Year 2023 AD

The General Administration of Occupational Health and Environment at Al Majmaah University contributes to the university's efforts to meet the requirements of developmental trends in the environmental field. This is achieved through the development of environmental care programs within the university, implementing activities stemming from these programs, with the aim of contributing to achieving the targets of the Kingdom's Vision 2030. The administration works on institutionalizing volunteer work in the environmental field and analyzing the environmental needs within the university campus and its geographic scope.

Initiative Definition

Uniting efforts to care for environmental health and improve the quality of life in the external university environment, while contributing to enhancing the culture of volunteering in the environmental field to achieve the university's vision, goals, and developmental directions.


Enhancing the university's environmental care programs.


The General Administration of Occupational Health and Environment works with partners to care for the environment, promote environmental awareness, and enhance the civilizational landscape of the university environment.


  1. Contributing to the university's efforts to support environmental conservation capabilities.
  2. Institutionalizing organizational work in dealing with environmental care programs.
  3. Promoting a culture of voluntary work in the environmental field.