Engineering & Applied Science Research Center

Director Speech Dr. Tawfeeq Bin Abdullah Al-Kanhal

Today’s world is full of changes and achievements, on top of which is the scientific revolution in all aspects of life. It is well known that a nation development & power is measured with the level of knowledge. Engineering is one of the most important fields that would lead any nation to a better future. To that end, the Engineering College at Majmaah University has established a research center that would contribute in serving the society as well as building up a strategic relationship with governmental and private sectors. The university is well equipped with highly qualified cadres and modern labs that offer the university a potential to be one of the most leading research center in the field of engineering.


Colleges & Departments served by the Center:

The center covers all majors of engineering and scientific departments; therefore, it serves the following colleges:

-          Engineering College

-          Science College in Zulfi

-          Education Colleges (Scientific Departments)

-          College of Science & Humanities (Scientific Departments)



-          to contribute effectively in evaluating the research projects presented by faculty members from the colleges related to the center in the filed of engineering.

-          To set annual research topics that would contribute in solving the problems encountered by the society, particularly in minor institutions.

-          To provide optimum research environment that encourage innovation & creativity skills as well as assisting faculty members in producing excellent research.

-          To conduct workshops and seminars for faculty members to promote the culture of scientific research.

-          To contribute in publishing researches which have received a support from the periodical journal of the center.

Contact Us

Headquarter of the center: Engineering College in Majmaah

Director Phone: 064321713   ext: 1270

Secretary Phone: 064321713              ext: 1271

E-mail: [email protected]