Health & Basic Science Research Center

The Speech of the Director of the Center Dr. Mohammad Bin Othman Al-Rukban

Majmaah University is deemed as an academic institution that seeks to occupy an important position in all fields of research and creativity. Therefore, it decided to establish a center for scientific creativity and research in scientific and health majors in order to achieve its goals and to contribute in developing the scientific research which has an immense role in developing the society at all level.


Fields served by the Center:

The Center serves all health fields and thus it serves the following colleges:

-          Medical College

-          Applied Medical Science College

-          Dentistry College

-          Health Science College



-          to set a general policy of research in health colleges that focus on projects that upgrade the health service at the nation level.

-          To develop the spirit of team work in scientific research

-          To follow up the research projects presented to the center.

-          To direct the research in a way that serves the society

-          To cooperate with centers of comparable objectives locally and internationally.

-          To conduct conferences and seminars to present and discuss the findings of the research.


Contact Us

Headquarter of the center: Applied Medical Science College in Majmaah

Director Phone: 064311510 ext: 1333

Secretary Phone: 064321713 ext: 1444

E-mail: [email protected]