The Vice-Rector to Pay a Visit to the Departments of the Rectorship for Postgraduate Studies and Academic Research

His Excellency the Vice-Rector for Postgraduate Studies and Academic Research, Prof. Mohammad Abdullah Al-Shay’a paid a visit to the departments of the rectorship on Monday 27/12/1435. The purpose of the visit is encourage all departments to achieve their works precisely and punctually and to overcome any obstacle that may encounter them. Dr. Al-Shaya’a met the director of scientific societies administration and the director of teaching assistants and lecturers unit in which he praised the efforts exerted by the two units and role played by them and encouraged them to double their efforts to provide more services to teaching assistants and lecturers. Dr. Al-Shaya’a also paid a visit to the Publishing and Translation Center where he expressed his content with the role of the center. A visit was also made by Dr. Al-Shaya’a to the staff of the departments and he expressed his trust to the secretary of the scientific board. The vice-rector also met a number of staff from the administrative communication where he praised the efficiency, quality and organization of the department. Finally, Dr. Al-Shaya’a extended his thanks and appreciations to all staff of the rectorship. 

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Sunday, 28/June/2020