The Student Innovation Center Holds a Workshop at the College of Education in Zulfi

A workshop was held by the student innovation center attached to the deputyship of postgraduate studies and academic research titled “ Requirements of innovation and Entrepreneurship at the 6th scientific conference for higher education students in the kingdom”, which will be held on Monday, 2/2/1436. The meeting was headed by the coordinator of the center, Miss. Jawahi Ibraheem Al-Ahaidb who welcomed innovative students at the auditorium of education college. She stressed that such events and participations shall increase the opportunities for the promotion of innovation culture among the university students as well as to enrich the knowledge environment with its economic and social effectiveness which are based on utilizing resources and experience to exert more efforts for the development of the nation. The coordinator of the center has also discussed a number of topics including: introduction of the effectiveness of innovation and entrepreneurship, levels and terms of participation, mechanisms of registration. The meeting also included other terms related to the entrepreneurship project. It also included : - discussing the application form. – form of first branch assessment (outstanding idea prize). – form of second branch assessment ( outstanding invention prize). - form of third branch assessment ( outstanding entrepreneurship project prize). The floor was opened then for students to ask questions. The coordinator responded to all inquiries and concluded the session by extending thanks and appreciations to all for their presence and being active. 

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