In the light of the interest of Majmaah University Rector Dr. Khalid Al-Migrin and the guidance of Vice-rector Prof. Abdullah Al-Shaye in spreading the culture of research chairs and showing their significance in the development of academia and the country in general, the administration of Research Chairs held 3 workshops during the last 15 days in Majmaah and Zulfi. The first workshop targeted the faculty members of the colleges of Majmaah, Rumaah, and Hawtet Sudair on Thursday 27/01/1436, H. at the hall of Quality Department on campus in Majmaah. Then on Sunday 15/02/1436, H. another workshop was organized for the faculty members of the colleges of Zulfi and Ghaat at the hall of Quality Department in Zulfi. On the same day, the third workshop was held in the College of Education (Female Section) in Zulfi through the internet to the female college members. Three aspects were addressed in these workshops. The first workshop was conducted by Dr. Abdullah bin Awad Al-Harbi, head of the administration who dealt with the role of research chairs in the service of the university and society. Mechanisms of the research chairs success and the process of their activation were addressed by Dr. Abdul Hakeem Redhwan Saied, member of the Research Chairs Committee in the second workshop. Dr. Sarhan Ahmad Rashwan, member of the Research Chairs Committee, discussed the challenges facing research chairs and how they should be handled. Each workshop was attended by a large number of faculty members and researchers who were interested in research chairs. They praised all of what was offered during the workshops. At the end of each workshop, there were open discussions on improving the mechanisms of success and how to meet the challenges facing research chairs and participation by members and researchers. Several recommendations were reached and which would enrich the process of research chairs programs.


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