Outstanding Research Presentations of the University Staff in International Conferences

The first half of the academic year 1435/1436 has witnessed a phenomenal growth in the number of research presentations for the university staff in local and international conferences. His Excellency the Vice-Rector for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research, Prof. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Shayae stated new measures have been taken with regard to the participation of faculty members of the university in local and international conferences. One of these measures is to make the conference unit under the international cooperation department in order to enhance the academic performance of faculty members via participating in scientific conferences of high academic value. A form (101) was designed for submission to conferences which will enhance the processing of applications. The form was uploaded to the Vice-Rectorate for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research’s website. Among the requirements for applying is mastering the language of the conference and the conference must be organized by a university, scientific association or a research center specialized in the same academic major. The applicant documents shall be carefully examined in order to show the advanced academic level the university has reached. As a result, the university participated in many conferences of high quality organized by universities like Florida, Georgia and Toronto. The participation also included scientific associations such as the Canadian Association of Biology and European Society of children Leather diseases. It also incorporates participation in research centers like Australian Center for the study of patterns of community. More than thirty seven applicants applied for participation in local and international conferences. Only twenty eight of those applicants who managed to meet the requirements and receive the approval to attend or participate in conferences. 

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