His Highness the Rector Dr. Khalid Al-Mogren launched with the presence of the Ports Authority chief Eng. Abdel Aziz Bin Mohammad Al-Twayjri and Mr. Ahmed Bin Abdullah Al-Twajri on behalf of his father, the chair of Sheikh Abdullah Bin Abdul Mohsen Al-Twajri for applied research of strokes cases.

A rhetoric ceremony was held on this occasion at the honor hall of the university. The ceremony was attended by the head of financial ministry office in Mjmaah Province Mr. Ibraheem Al-Twajri, university deputies and a number of officials. The ceremony begun by a recitation of the Holy Qura’an  followed by a speech for the university deputy for post-graduate studies and academic research Dr. Mohammad Al-Shaya’a where he praised the intitiative of sheikh Abdullah Al-Twajri followed by a film about the current and future projects of the university. After that, His Excellency the Ports Authority Chief Eng. Abdul Aziz Al-Twajri delivered the speech of sheikh Abdullah Abdelmohsen Al-Twajri where he mentioned that his absence is due to health problems. He also noted that this event is synchronized with the national event which is the commemoration of the 8th homage to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques. In his speech he stated that this country has witnessed an overall development and made a reference to the wise decisions made by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques among which the decree of establishing the project of King Abdullah for education development and King Abdulla Program for scholarship. He referred to Majmaah University as one example of a university which was established to incorporate a large number of students. He also praised the rapid expansion in buildings as well as the research chair program. He eventually extended his thanks to the Rector for offering him such an opportunity to patronize the 1st chair at the university which will be advocated to research pertinent to stoke cases.

Addressing the audience, His Highness the Rector Dr. Khalid Al-Mogren extended his thanks to the Shekhi for this initiative and wished that this chair would achieve its intended goals. He also noted that this chair is one of the projects that the university strives to adopt in various fields which will have a great impact on supporting the field of research as well as opening up a number of opportunities for businessmen to invest in this field and serve their society.

After that, His Highness the Rector Dr. Khalid Al-Mogren and signed with Mr. Ahmed Al-Twajri who was on behalf of his father the chair the chair of sheikh abdelmohsen Al-Twajri for stoke cases.

His Highness the Rector talked to journalists and extended his thanks to the government of the Custodian of the two Holy Mosques for the achievement of Majmaah University, particularly this chair which is regarded as a unique one as it concerns about the applied research pertinent to stoke cases. He also thanked the sponsor of this chair sheikh Abdelmohsen Al-Twajri for his support.       




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