The Director of the Publishing and Translation Center Holds an Introductory Meeting at the College of Science & Humanities in Remah

In respond to the invitation from the College of Science & Humanities in Remah, Prof. Ahmed Salem, The Director of the Publishing and Translation Center held an introductory meeting for the faculty members titled “Procedures & Regulations of Publishing & Translation at the Center of Publishing and Translation”. The meeting which was moderated by the vice-dean for postgraduate studies and academic research, Dr. Abdelrahman, reviewed the idea of the center, its objectives and the support of the university leaders for the publication of academic work at the center. Prof. Salem also illustrated a number of topics such the criteria of approving books for publishing, the copyrights of the publisher and the university, the role of the center in publishing and distributing the book, the procedures that the faculty member should go through and the required documents for publishing and the procedures followed by the center to obtain the approval of the committee of the publishing and translation and the academic board for the book to be published after being refereed by two experts. The director also talked about the first edition of the newsletter for the center on Muharram, 1436 H and the link of the newsletter: The floor was opened for a discussion where a numerous number of questions were raised with regard to publishing authored and translated books, how referees are selected, the availability of proofreaders and the possibility of re-publishing a book. The director responded to all inquiries and called all faculty members to provide suggestions for the improvement of the center. 

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Sunday, 28/June/2020