Dr. Al-Rumaih welcomes members of clinical cooperation committee at College of Medicine

In the presence of the dean of the College of Medicine, Dr. Rasheed Al-Baradah, the vice-rector for graduate studies and scientific research, Dr. Ahmed Al-Rumaih, welcomed on Wednesday members of clinical cooperation committee.

Briefing the vice-rector about the role and goals of the committee to achieve the university vision, the chairman of the committee, Dr. Nasser Al-Dharwi, reviewed the tasks and meetings held by the committee with multiple public and private health sectors, all of which resulted in preliminary drafts of cooperation focusing on educating and training intern students, improving clinical services and achieving phenomenal progress in community service and research.  

The vice-rector, Dr. Al-Rumaih, commended the efforts exerted by the members in serving the educational process, pointing out that the committee was formed at the request of MU rector, Dr. Al-Muqren and the follow-up of the dean of medicine, Dr. Baradah.

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Wednesday, 05/May/2021