Within the framework of the Deanship of Community Service & Continuous Education to ensure the success of paid educational programs for the academic year 1442/1443 AH, the Vice-Dean’s Office for Educational Affairs held a meeting on Monday which was chaired by the vice-dean for Educational Affairs, Dr. Abdelkareem al-Harbi, in the presence of supervisors and coordinators of these programs.  

Welcoming everyone and being praised by the dean, Dr. Omar al-Sharyofi for their efforts over the past period, Dr. Ayed al-Anizi addressed topics listed on the meeting agenda including the statistics of admission for this semester.

Supervisors of the academic programs shared the obstacles faced them and they were solved, highlighting the vital role of executive supervisor in communicating with the deanship to achieved desired goals.

The mechanism of conducting term exam was addressed and the necessity of adhering to the instructions of the Vice-Rector’s Office for Educational Affairs, taking into consideration students with valid excuses.

Dr. al-Anizi reminded supervisors that a report about the work progress over the past period should be provided, stressing that regular reports must be submitted on time for better educational quality.

A number of recommendations were made at the end of the meeting to improve performance and quality of the educational programs.





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