Deanship of Community Service and Continues Education welcomes an Internal Audit Team

The Dean of the Deanship of Community Service and Continues Education (DCSCE), Dr. Omar Al-Sharyofi and the Vice-Dean for Educational Affairs, Dr. Abdelkareem Al-Harbi, received the internal audit team which includes Mr. Tawfiq Al-Mudeyhim, Dr. Mahmoud Tharwat and Dr. Almutawali Ismael.
The supervisor of Quality Unit at the DCSCE, Dr. Ayed Al-Anizi, presented a brief account of quality works at the deanship.
The internal audit’s team reviewed all files related to quality at the deanship, including the tools of performance evaluation.
By the same token, the vice-dean at female campus, Dr. Maha Al-Khaltham, welcomed Dr. Bashayer Al-Rumaih who is the vice-dean at Quality and Skills Development Deanship, to follow-up quality works at female campus.

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Wednesday, 01/April/2020