An intensive program to support students' participation in Naqil Thon 2.


AT the request of MU's rector, Prof. Saleh Al-Mezal, and the follow-up and supervision of the vice-rector for Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research, Prof. Muhammad Al-Shehri, the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, launched an intensive program to support student participation in Naqil Thon 2. .

The program featured multiple meetings and workshops aimed at introducing students to the paths and goals of Naqil Thon 2 and enhancing their skills and knowledge in the areas of innovation and progress in transport engineering. The program also discussed how to improve students' works and showcase those that will be submitted in the thon. 

Students proposed many innovative solutions that serve the transportation sector in education and health as well as solutions that serve logistical services in the transportation sector.

Dr. Abdul Aziz Al Mutairi, supervisor of the program and head of the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, pointed out that the program's outcomes were remarkable featuring a variety of projects invented by faculty members and students.

Dr. Sultana Al-Misnad, the deputy-director, stated that this program is an evidence of the university’s commitment to promoting innovation and pioneering projects as well as creating an environment for students to promote sustainable development in the transportation sector. 

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Sunday, 03/December/2023