جامعة المجمعة

Prof. Ahmed Al-Rumaih, the vice-rector for graduate studies and scientific research, followed-up the process of implementing the late developmental decisions issued by the University Affairs Council with regard to postgraduate studies regulations at Saudi Arabia. 

In coordination with the Deanship of Graduate Studies, the executive rules of the regulation were approved by the university council to comply with the university policy and regulations. 

Prof. Al-Rumaih pointed out that the new change will contribute in substance and value to postgraduate students and the programs. 

The recent changes also accelerate the educational journey for students at the undergraduate level. Now universities can promote a flexible education system for students, allowing them to earn degrees other than a bachelor’s degree. For instance, those who did not complete the requirements for a bachelor’s degree can be awarded a diploma in the specialization they are currently pursuing. 

Students enrolled at a non-Saudi university will have the opportunity to enroll in courses at a Saudi university. They may earn a degree or certificate approved by two educational institutions with a joint program in between. Students are permitted to enroll in two programs at the same time or from a previous stage. In addition, students have the option of calculating equivalent courses within their cumulative average.

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Wednesday, 07/September/2022