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21 October 2020

Instructions/Guidelines for submitting a proposal for March-2015 submission

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Last Modified Sat, 2017/07/01 - 09:51

1.     Get the Username and Password for turnitin from NPST on request to npst5atmu.edu.sa  by mentioning Technology, PI full name and PI's KSU Email ID.

 [Note: It will created only for those who are submitting a proposal in this submission.

1.     Turnitin Username & Password will be sent to PI’s KSU email only

2.     Upload the complete proposal on http://www.turnitin.com/ for checking the similarities

3.     Get the result online from turnitin services.

4.     Review your proposals at Turnitin.com; if any similarities found; remove it and resubmit at Turnitin

5.     Get the approval/clearance from NPST (Contact at 046-96205)

6.     Submit final clear copy of your proposal at NSTIP-KACST portal

7.     For any problems in uploading/submitting at NSTIP-KACST portal, please email at stuatmu.edu.sa or call at  04814242 (in KACST)

8.     After submitting a proposal at NSTIP-KACST portal, Please contact NPST at 04696207

9.     The last date for submitting proposal at NSTIP-KACST portal is 26/Feb/2015