Engineering Research and Applied Sciences Center

 The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia considers scientific research, development and innovation to be of paramount significance and among its top priorities to achieve the Kingdom’s vision of 2030), namely to be among the top 10 countries in the Global Competitiveness Index by 2030.

This  Global Competitiveness Index depends directly on research, innovation and development which provides the Kingdom an opportunity to improve its position regionally and globally through the quality of research.

 Therefore, the Research Center, supported by MU rector, the Vice-Rector for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research, and the Deanship of Scientific Research, seeks to fund to meet the national and local goals in the governorates served by the university in a way that contributes to knowledge production, social and economic development, and the participation of the private sector.

The Engineering Research and Applied Sciences Center seeks to fund research that provides optimal solutions to the challenges facing society and industry in various areas, including engineering, computer and its sciences, with the aim of achieving comprehensive economic development and improving the university’s rank locally, regionally and globally. The center also aims to help researchers and provide them with the necessary resources including conducting research workshops, setting research plans and priorities for the academic departments that are associated with the center.













To lead in the field of engineering and applied sciences research by supporting qualitative research programs that meet different needs






To help MU to become an advanced center for scientific research and innovation in the fields of science and engineering locally and globally through the support and encouragement of faculty members.





• Setting research priorities to achieve the national strategic goals and the challenges of the local community and the private sector in the areas served by the university and to create a tangible economic and social impact.

• Developing the research and leadership skills of researchers through seminars and workshops

• Active participation in the study and evaluation of research projects and follow-up research performance in the academic departments of the Center.

• Seeking to form research and innovation partnerships with national research centers and the private sector.

• Providing research and financial support for researchers and faculty members in the academic departments of the Center.




 Colleges and Departments Served by the Center:

The center serves the following colleges and departments

• College of Engineering (all academic departments)

• College of Computer and Information (all academic departments)

• College of Science and Human Studies (Computer Department)

• College of Science (Department of Computers)

• College of Applied (Computer Department)


 Research laboratories:

• Energy and Technologies Laboratory

• Environmental Engineering Laboratory

• Mechanical Engineering Laboratory

Materials lab

• computer lab



 Research Priorities:

The center set research priorities based on main topics that serve or address prominent challenges locally (governorates served by the university), regionally, or nationally, and these include:

•sustainable energy

• Environmental sustainability and agriculture

• Social and economic development

•Information and Communication Technology

• Construction and Reconstruction

•Mechanical engineering


 For contact:

Head of the Center for Engineering Research and Applied Sciences

Abdullah Al-Tamimi

Assistant Professor of Renewable Energy and Electrical Energy Engineering

Mobile number: 0555159017

Email: [email protected]

The center's e-mail: [email protected]