Vice Rector For Graduate Study and Scientific Research Speech

The university Rectorship for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research represents one of the corner stones that would enable the university to become a pioneering educational institution. That will be through its continual quest for quality among the Saudi and international  universities , creating knowledge exchange partnership with the local and international academic institutions. Activation of transferring technology from the university to the community, and catering for scientific research and postgraduate studies is one of the basic features of any community purporting to achieve scientific, cultural and academic distinction.The University Vice  Rectorship,  hence, works  hard to take a giant step at both the regional and international levels, activating its role in transforming the kingdom to a knowledge community, to realize sustainable development and reinforce community partnership through series of ambitious programs, compatible with the  orientation of the kingdom in establishing an  effective scientific system and reinforcing the national system for scientific research.Finally, since the standard for the  development of any nations is measured by the attention given to scientific research and material resources earmarked, then we  are in position to aspire to  a   leading role  for Majmaah University.Vice Rector For Graduate Studies and Scientific Research Prof. Mohammad Abdullah Alshaya