This award stems from the developmental perspectives of Majmaah University. It views younger generations as the head of a national human capital that must be supported and maintained, so as to enhance and activate the national balance of young creative distinct energies in Majmaah University. Moreover, it comes as a result of the University's pursuit to develop business and creativity, and to contribute in building the information society in Majmaah University and other educational institutions in all their stages and classifications. It is also an attempt to detect the distinctive work and creative efforts that come from students and community members alike. This award aims also to encourage and develop creative work in these institutions, and to locally, regionally and globally foreground the distinctive aspects that characterize these institutions on the academic and educational level as well as at the information society level. In fact, this award activates communication, correlation and integration between the relevant parties, since it is mainly launched from the programs, competitions and events effectively implemented by these parties, and it seeks to develop them and amplify their benefits in an integrated way through its distinctive features, and to raise their status from the institutional level to the level of the region (local Level), which encourages more participation, interaction, excellence and creativity, and positively reflects on reinforcing the local and national balance of achievements.