Applications should be submitted electronically attached with copies of original documents; graduation certificate – transcript- ID card – resume- equivalency of degree (for overseas degree)- letters of experience- certificates of diplomas and courses if any.1. if one condition or more are not applicable to the applicant, an email is sent that justifies the reasons of rejecting his/her application. (the reply may take longer time due to the large number of applicants).2. If all conditions are applicable to the applicant, his documents are sent to the respected college at the university.3. The applicant, being accepted or rejected, is contacted and updated by the respected colleges.4. Online interviews shall be conducted for applicants by the respected department using Skype program.5. upon the approval of the academic board of the department and the college, an interview will be conducted for the candidate on the profession day.6. A letter is sent to the unit of teaching assistant and lecturer affairs attached with the department recommendation to complete the regular recruitment procedures.7. upon the endorsement of the university board for the recruitment, the program will follow-up the procedures with the deanship of faculty member affairs to ensure the recruitment matter is finalized.8. Upon the recruitment, the applicant is eligible to pursue his/her studies while processing the procedures of recruitment.