Instructions for Writing Research

Research is written due to one column system  according to the following important basic rules  :

-Paper size 16,7cm  ×25 cm( Envelope B5(

-Margins are 2 cm from each side.

-Title of the research is written in the middle of the first page and underneath is the  name of the author, marked with ( *) immediately after writing it, in order to set ( * )again in the bottom margin of the page , followed by the definition of the post of the researcher, and the party associated with.

-Font format must be in Times New Roman, Normal, Size11, except  titles and sub- titles

- Titles must be written in Arial, Center, Uppercase, Bold, Size12, Justified.

- Sub-titles must be written in Arial, Left, Title case, Bold, Size12, Justified.

-Name of the researcher or researchers , as well as the English summary must be in italics (Italic), in addition to write the post of the researcher, his place of work , address, and his e-mail address as well.

 -Page numbering should be down of the page , and line spacing is " Single " one, and paragraph spacing before the " 6 -point " , and paragraph indentation is 1 cm×

 -Figures and tables of a width not exceeding 13.6 cm , and a height of 21 cm and they must be placed within the text in the same page where they have been mentioned , or in the next page and they should not be placed at the end of the research.

- Order the tables and figures in numbers according to the priority of appearance in the text , as well as references.

- Any reference is not added to the list of references unless it is mentioned by the text and referred to the references within the text in numbers starting from [1], and the number is written inside square brackets . In addition to gathering references and sources in a ranking list ( Alphabetical ) at the end of the research in accordance with the rules generally accepted in writing the references at the end of the research.

- If the research contains some supplements, these supplements should be mentioned at the end of the research after the list of references .

-Number of research pages should not exceed  25 pages , including tables , figures and references.