Areas of Publishing

It is recommended to sign an agreement with the International Publishing Centres, which are specialized in the fields of Engineering and Applied Sciences to carry on the publishing process, not forgetting to set the conditions and regulations for this mechanism, thus this will solve a lot of problems and obstacles and give the journal the scientific incentive, seriousness and importance from the early stages in its inception. In addition to enter within the classifications and the international databases as well. Hence, identifying the areas of publishing relates to each version itself, where special conditions are set for each version , and this means highlighting the area of concentration  in the version to avoid distraction and generalization

" Journal of Engineering and Applied Science " is a periodic scientific journal  concerned with the dissemination of research in the disciplines of Engineering and Applied Sciences and related research. However,  the research must be submitted for a new publication and has not been published or accepted for publication by a journal or any other publication party, and the authors should acknowledge that by handwriting. Also, the rights of publishing the research are transmitted to the journal after acceptance. The  areas of publications are as the following:

 -Electrical Engineering

 -Civil Engineering

 -Mechanical Engineering

 -Applied Sciences

 -Engineering and Computer Sciences and Networks