First Category: Life-time Scientific Achievement Award: This award is granted to the scholar who has a long-standing academic achievement, not only in respect to research production but also the academic work and community service.

Second Category: Research Quality Award: This award is granted to the researcher who carries out original academic works.

Third Category: Publishing in Renowned Journals Award: This award is granted to 3 best published papers in renowned peer-reviewed journals or first-rate journals based on the average of impact factor.

Fourth Category: Inventions and Innovations Award: This award is granted to one research whose works have scientific value and are designated by scientific and health discoveries or invention and patents

Fifth Category: Excellence in Obtaining External Funding for Research Award: After the entrepreneurship project is submitted, the idea of the project and its potential of being invested and developed is evaluated. The project should serve the knowledge economy and can be turned into a practical model that can be marketed. The project should be presented as a business-model and the various stages as well as a feasible study must be included.

Sixth Category: Graduation Project Award: This award is granted to the best graduation project with innovative idea that solves a pressing problem.

Seventh Category: Best Authored and Translated Book Award: This award is granted to the best authored or translated book
Eighth Category: Reading Award: The aim of this award is to encourage undergraduate and post-graduate students to read and summarize books to develop their knowledge.