In recognition of the value of scientific research for upgrading the general quality performance, Majmaah University has always been concerned to inspire faculty members, researchers and students through competition as well as to award outstanding achievements. That will contribute in creating an environment conducive to improving scientific research.

To that end, Majmaah University has launched the “ Majmaah University Award for Scientific Excellence” – an annual award that seeks to create an environment conducive to excellent scientific research, innovation and creativity. The launch of the award is expected to serve the university strategic objectives, namely building competitive strategies to meet the needs of both labor market and knowledge society, improving academician’s abilities and skills, inculcating the university essential values such as innovation and creativity, achieving the university initiatives to have a supportive environment for faculty teaching and increasing research production.
The Prize comprises eight categories:
(i) Life-time Scientific Achievement Award, (ii) Research Quality Award, (iii) Publishing in renowned journals Award, (iv) Inventions and Innovations, (v) Excellence in getting External Funding for Research Award, (vi) Best Authored Book Award, (vii) Best Translated Book Award, (viii) and Student and Scholarship-student Research Excellence Award.