Unit of Translation

Tasks of the Unit :

1 - Translate the valuable research in the scientific journals and magazines .

2 - Provide the technical and scientific consultations in the field of translation .

3 - Train the human personnel inside and outside the university in the field of translation .

4 - Develop specialized terminology dictionaries in collaboration with the academic departments in the faculties of the university.

5 – Sign contract with professors who have experiences in translation of  some books and references in languages ​​other than Arabic into Arabic and from Arabic into other languages.

6 - Attract members of faculty members at the University to provide projects for translation .

7 - Contact publishers to have copyrights and translation rights of books and references that serve students and professors at the departments of the university colleges .

8 –Translate the agreements between  the University and the foreign universities .

9 – Evaluate the works of translation by a committee assigned by the Translation Unit .

10 - Prepare the contracts of translation between the Center of Publishing and Translation and translators, where these contracts determine the length of contracting time and the rules to be observed in the translation.

11 -Semi-annual inventory of translation projects that have been approved , broken down by colleges and disciplines at the University of Majmaah.