Unit of Publishing

Tasks of the Unit :

1 - The unit works on the dissemination of intellectual and scientific production and the scientific publications of research and studies.

2 - The unit specializes in the dissemination of the following channels of information:

A - All kinds of books ( textbook , scientific reference , dictionaries , atlases ) .

B - Scientific journals published by the university .

C – Indexes of scientific journals .

D - Extracts of seminars research at the university.

E - Records of seminars at the university .

F – Masters' scientific dissertations and PhDs' as well  .

3 – Apply the rules and regulations of the approved publishing.

4 - Provide technical and scientific consultations in the field of authoring and publishing.

5 - Semi-annual inventory of authoring and publishing projects that have been approved.

6 - Overlooking the unit director of a scientific degree of not less than assistant professor .