The Speech of the Director of the Center

Since the establishment of the center which is traced back to the foundation of the university, it strives to consolidate the essential medical and scientific researches along with providing medical care. The basic assumption beyond the establishment of this center is that in order to provide the best medical care for the society, an active environment for research has to be created that will attract the outstanding minds and facilitate the means of communication and cooperation which will serve in the prosperity and health of the society. Since the first 3 years of establishment of the basic science & health research center, it followed two parallel paths; namely the support of excellent research which provides outstanding services to the society & building the infrastructure for the center and research labs. This is likely to make the center a reference at the national and regional level. Over that last short period, 108 research projects were submitted to the center. 38 projects were supported after being reviewed in accordance with transparent mechanisms based on scientific and research standards. The center also supports approximately 12 to 14 research annually. Moreover, the center tends to support valuable projects in the upcoming period as well as cooperating with other national and regional research centers to achieve its aims. A great deal of equipment and other basic necessities were provided to the research labs along with the provision of an integrated plan to higher authorities at the university to establish and operate those research labs. The excellence of the center is based to a large extent on the support of the university administration, faculty members and researchers. Director of Heath & Basic Science Research Center Dr. Mohammad Abdullah Al-Mansour