Sixth Article: The Administrative and Technical Organization of the Research Chair

The research chair is composed of an administration committee for the chair affairs headed by the supervisor of the chair, the chair professor as a member and a number of members who have interests in the field of the research chair

The Supervisor of the Research Chair

The supervisor of the research chair will be assigned by the scientific research chairs committee, and there will be direct connection for one year renewable throughout his/her supervision over the chair

The missions of the supervisor of the research chair:

1. Recommending the establishment of a committee of scientific research administration and submitting the report to the committee of scientific research chairs to approve it

2. Supervising financial, technical and administrative issues of the chair

3. Designing and following the plans, programs and projects of the chair

4. Representing the research chair inside and outside the university in the presence of all societies, administrations and institutions

5. Submitting all training, consultation and research contracts to the scientific research chairs committee

6. Preparing periodical reports on the performance of the research chair and submitting them to the committee of scientific research chairs         

Professor of Research Chair

The research professor takes the responsibility of following the scientific affairs of the chair, its researches, publications, scientific theses in accordance with the procedures and approved regulations by the committee