4- Preparing the required administrative procedures and forms

To achieve the desired results of this program, all forms of recruiting this group should be prepared and printed. Moreover, all administrative and legal procedures are done. A number of academic positions are kept vacant for this group. Additionally, all cultural attachés were contacted in those countries to obtain the date of graduation or any further information that may contribute and accelerate the process of recruiting. Besides, an action team was formed to conduct the interviews those students and negotiate with them as well as issuing all required visas and flight tickets. To this end, a number of practical steps were taken including:- Forming an action team in charge of recruiting those students.- Creating an electronic page in the form of database and promoting it among students who are interested to join the program.- Making announcement at the sites of cultural attachés. - Sending emails to all targeted students. - Making announcements at other websites.- Publishing introductory articles about the recruiting program “Istiqtab” lead by Majmaah University at the periodicals of cultural attachés.- Making a paid-announcement at the periodicals of cultural attachés.- Making personal calls by deans and university staff.