•  Provide technological and technical support for all university sectors and its affiliates and dealing with all the technical obstacles, to ensure the effectiveness of the administrative and educational staff

  •  Provide a distinct electronic services that can facilitate the students’ communication with different university sectors & departments through the provision of high performance management and maintenance systems. Depends on Internet environment available to all users in an easy and safe manner.

  •   Establish and manage the infrastructure of software and technical equipment that support transformation of the university to a Digital University. 

  • Support distance education programs and provide a virtual environment suitable for learners allowing them ways to communicate with faculty members with ease. 

  • Provide comprehensive interactive e-services and supported with the latest technical equipment necessary to contribute to strengthening the role of scientific research at the university. 

  • Work on the automation and integration of all systems and services in addition to development of software communication channels between the university and other various sectors to activate the role of the university in supporting of e-government projects in the Kingdom.

  • Follow the global standards and methodologies in all projects that are adopted by the deanship.

  •   Building professional relationships with specialized parties in the field of information technology to benefit from their expertise to develop the university IT environment.