The e-Portal of the university is the channel through which first impression is made and important information and services are provided which increases the chances of successful communication among the university staff, faculty members and students. The e-Portal has several sub-domains of colleges, deanships and administrations. Each of these sub-domains requires a supervisor to be responsible of the content of those departments, both in Arabic and English. Goals and responsibilities of the e-Portal Unit: - Manage and develop the university’s e-portal and associated sub-domains - Suggest mechanisms of managing the e-portal’s content, both in Arabic and English - Design and structure the e-portal in a way that makes it easy for browsing - Bring all services and resources together in one section on the e-portal to make the process of accessing those services easier for students, faculty members and staff. - To the e-portal’s pages faster for browsing - Provide training to sub-domain’s supervisors on how to manage the content of their page along with necessary technical support - Ensure the university’s e-portal applies international standards - Design the e-portal and all sub-domains - Evaluate the content of sub-domains - Participate in developing the systems linked to the e-portal and ensure all systems on the e-portal are compliance with the e-portal’s standards - Implement (single sign on) service in the e-portal for easy access of the university’s systems. - Develop and manage systems that facilitate the work efficiently