Responsibilities Information Security Unit

- Determine information security requirements and set up minimum level of information security in accordance with accredited rules and regulations as well as best security practices. - Identify potential risks to information security - Develop and implement a crisis management plan - Protect information from unauthorized access, alteration or damage - Manage security information software for information centers and the e-portal - Set the university information security policies according to international standards - Determine the standards and features of programs to protect the administrations and units associated with the university - Design a policy for handling security information problems in short time - Promote the culture of information security among the university staff - Conduct quality assurance tests for the network and systems - To be on the lookout for the state-of-the-art technology that may improve the efficiency of workplace - Grant access permission to information centers for authorized persons. - Review security policy and propose a plan of how to improve them - Ensure that all information centers have the necessary security tools (e.g. devices, software) - Test the effectiveness of anti-virus software on users’ computers - Submit security status report to the head of the unit - Undertake any other assigned tasks