About the Training Centers

The Training Centers of the Vice-Dean's Office of the Deanship of Community Service and Continuing Education provide high-quality paid training programs. They work to form partnerships and collaborative relationships with government sectors, community institutions and international training centers to achieve distinctive quality outcomes that are reflected in trainee's personal and career life.

To help women to become highly educated and aware of their rights and duties towards their family and society.
To educate women and equip them with skills

1. To help women to excel within the local community of the university and outside it.
2. Spreading the religious, health, professional and cultural awareness of women in society in cooperation with the relevant authorities.
3. Provide women with new knowledge in all aspects of life.
4. Strengthening woman’s relationship with the university as an educational institution, which encourages her to support it in achieving its mission.
5. Building participatory and cooperative relationships with governmental sectors and community-based organizations to achieve distinctive quality training outcomes.