Head of Department Message

Dr. Fayez

I am so glad to give this welcome message about Biology Department in Zulfi. I am honored to be appointed as a head to serve the department, the college and the university as well as to contribute in teaching our students about biology and the Modern bio-technologies. The Biology Department was established following the change of Medical Laboratory Department to be the Biology Department based on the order of His Excellency Minister of Education which includes the interim committee's approval of the recommendation of the University Council's 7th session in 18-8-1437 AH. The department seeks to be a pioneer in all fields of biology, environment and biotechnology at the local, regional and international levels. This goal is to be achieved through carrying out researches that address problems and solutions pertinent to the needs of the society. The department also seeks to provide an outstanding and educational service to bachelor’s students which in turn creates the opportunity for them to learn and compete based on standards of marketplace as well as to create an academic environment that motivates students in research and scientific areas.

Head of Biology department 

Dr. Fayez AbdelAziz Al Fayez