Head of Department Message

Dr. Fayez

All the praise be to ALLAH and His Peace and Blessings be upon Prophet Muhammad and his companions. It is an honour to write on behalf of my fellow faculty members in the Department of Computer Science and Information, College of Science in Zulfi. I thank ALLAH the almighty who enabled me serve the department, the College, the University and the community in general. I and my colleagues are contributing our best in the provision of distinguished education to our students from the new sciences and technologies. We hope that it will have best impact in the advancement and growth of our blessed country. The Department of Computer Science and Information will provide the country highly qualified graduates to work in the field of Computer and Information, armed with latest theoretical and practical experiences. The college offers of B.Sc. degree of Computer Science and Information after completing a study course of 161 credit hours distributed between theoretical and practical materials. This enables our students enter into the job market or pursue graduate studies confidently and respectfully. By the grace of Allah, the department has produced a number of batches of graduated students who have excelled in various fields of Computer Science and Information .The department is continuously developing modern academic planes to fulfil the advanced needs in the field of computer science as well as the Saudi society. The department staff consists of highly talented persons to achieve the highest level of excellence and innovation in the field. The teaching staff and senior administration do their best to provide safe, cooperative and conducive educational environment, which reflects a high degree of commitment and seriousness.

Head of the department of Computer Science and Information

Dr. Fayez Abdulrahman Alfayez