Vice dean Message


All praise be to Allah and His peace and blessings be upon Prophet Muhammad and his companions It is my pleasure to welcome you in the Faculty of Vice Deanship for Quality and Development in the College of Science. This Faculty plays its best role in achieving the University's objectives of attaining international leadership and excellence in education and building a society of knowledge. Achieving high quality is difficult but maintaining is more difficult. This could not be accomplished without cooperation of the Faculty and its various departments who burnt midnight oil in designing a strategic long-term plan for the education and learning process, in line with the labour market and the social needs. The Faculty of Vice Deanship for Quality and Development is regarded as one of the most important pillars of management as it takes care of the processes that aim at developing the Faculty and enhancing the performance. It also guarantees the quality of the educational process through continuous development of academic and administrative programs as well as improving the performance of the teaching and administrative staff.

Vice Dean for Quality and Development 

Dr. Esam Al Maliki