Student support and graduates Dept

Overview :

The Students and Alumni Support Department (SASD) is one the departments that is subsumed under the Vice-Rector Office for Educational Affairs and is concerned about planning, coordinating and following-up the services provided to all students at college and alumni.


To ensure the success of students professionally and educationally

To set up an effective partnership with alumni


Cooperate with related sectors to develop the skills of students and meet their professional and educational needs.

Establish and enhance communication with alumni

Primary objective:

Develop the skills of students and meet their professional, educational and psychological needs

Secondary objectives :

1. Measure the services provided to students by departments at the university

2. Determine the prospect needs for students based on the University vision and expectations

3. Find out students with special needs and provide them with suitable programs

4. Promote the culture of academic advising as a measure to solve students daily academic and educational problems

5. Promote the culture of dialogue and student advising sessions and activate their role at the University level

6. Strengthen the relationship between the University, alumni and society organizations to achieve mutual benefit

7. Measure the perspective of businessmen towards alumni

8. Communicate regularly with employed alumni and measure their job performance as well as benefit from their experience