Overview of University


Since its establishment, the main objective of the University of Majmaah was focused on education and how to develop it, where the administrative structure of the university contained a Vice Presidency dedicated for Academic and  Educational Affairs since the university was created. Majmaah University has sought  to activate the role of this Vice Presidency, where Dr. Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Shaya has been commissioned as a Supervisor of the Vice Presidency for Educational Affairs on Shawal of the year 1433 H, to enable the Vice Presidency of practicing its role in looking after education at the university.

 On Sunday 14/04/1434 H, a decision has been issued by His Excellency the Rector of the University to commission His Excellency, Prof. Mohammed bin Othman Al Rukban, as a Vice Rector for Educational Affairs and upon the consent of His Excellency the  Minister of Higher Education- Chairman of the Board of the University-  to carry out all the tasks and functions stipulated in the guide of powers and competencies, that  have been promulgated by the Administrative Decision of His Excellency the Rector of the University No. 10 dated 01/07/1431 H.

The Vice Presidency for Educational Affairs is linked directly with all Colleges of the University as the following (College of Education in Majmaah - College of Education Zulfi – College of Engineering in Majmaah - College of Medicine in Majmaah - College of Applied Medical Sciences in Majmaah - College of Dentistry in Zulfi - College of Science in Zulfi - Community College in Majmaah - School of Business Administration in  Majmaah - College of Science and Human Studies in Ghat- College of Science and Human Studies in Bermah - College of Science and Human Studies in Hotat Sudair - College of Computer Sciences and Information in Majmaah - and other colleges under construction) as well as the following Deanships (Deanship of Admission and Registration - Deanship of Student Affairs - Deanship of E-Learning and Distant Learning- Deanship of Quality and Skills Development- Deanship of the Preparatory Year Program( PYP), in addition to  (Center of Teaching Arabic to Non-Native Speakers). The Vice Presidency has in its facilities a number of internal departments that organize the work, and many of the Active Units, as well as  Active Committees and Quality Programs.