SDG11: Sustainable Cities and Communities SDG 17.3.11


ards the goal of sustainable cities and communities. The Kingdom recognizes the importance of fostering urban development that is environmentally friendly, socially inclusive, and economically viable.


Saudi Arabia is investing significantly in developing sustainable cities to address the challenges associated with rapid urbanization. Initiatives include the construction of eco-friendly buildings, the integration of green spaces, and the implementation of smart technologies to enhance efficiency and resource management. The aim is to create urban environments that promote a high quality of life, while minimizing environmental impact.


Majmaah University, situated within this evolving landscape, is contributing to sustainable community development through its academic and research endeavors. The university is engaged in research projects that explore sustainable practices, urban planning, and environmental conservation. By integrating sustainability principles into its curriculum, Majmaah University is preparing the next generation of professionals and leaders to address the complex challenges of urbanization.


Moreover, Majmaah University serves as a hub for knowledge dissemination and community engagement. Through partnerships with local authorities, businesses, and community organizations, the university actively participates in initiatives that promote sustainable development at both the local and national levels.


The university's campus itself is designed with sustainability in mind, incorporating eco-friendly features such as energy-efficient buildings, waste management systems, and green spaces. These practices not only reduce the environmental footprint but also serve as practical examples for students and the surrounding community.


Majmaah University's commitment to sustainable cities and communities extends beyond academic pursuits. The university organizes awareness campaigns, workshops, and events that highlight the importance of sustainable practices. By fostering a culture of environmental responsibility, Majmaah University contributes to building communities that are resilient, inclusive, and environmentally conscious.


In essence, the sustainable development of cities and communities in Saudi Arabia is a collaborative effort involving government initiatives, academic institutions like Majmaah University, and the active participation of the community. Through these combined efforts, the Kingdom is moving towards creating cities that are not only economically prosperous but also environmentally sustainable and socially vibrant.




A new milestone was achieved this year as the  advisor and general supervisor of administrative, financial and technical affairs, Prof. Musallam Al-Dosari, launched the transportation services for the new academic year 1445, in the presence of the director of the General Administration of Services, Mr. Moteb Al-Maymoni, and heads of departments.

The new transportation services featured new courses and field training in many cities,  governorates and centers. Prof. Al-Dosari met with a number of bus drivers, representatives of the transport contractor, and field supervisors to review the progress of work and the latest preparations to serve the university students. Bus drivers will attend a number of training and awareness raising programs to improve the level of safety and crisis management.

In a statement about the new academic year, Prof. Al-Dosari, pointed out that this academic year's transportation services feature new routes to serve more than 6000 female students who will be transported to their colleges. Additional services will also be provided for internship students in health sectors.

The transportation services will include more than more than 55 residential areas, 80 centers, and 4 governorates. New buses are provided which feature additional services for longer trips such as refrigerators and toilets.


University Students Participate in the Municipal Investment Forum "Foras"

Tuesday, 31/January/2023



Under the guidance of the President of the University a. Dr. Saleh bin Abdullah Al-Mizil The Deanship of Student Affairs participated through a group of university students in the Municipal Investment Forum Foras in its second edition at the Riyadh Front.

The forum aims to review a package of investment opportunities offered by secretariats, municipalities and government agencies, and expand the base of competitors by attracting capital investments to contribute to raising the quality of life in Saudi cities.

The university students also visited the pavilions of secretariats, government agencies and the private sector, after which a number of dialogue sessions and lectures were attended such as NEOM Future City for the CEO of the NEOM Debtor project, His Excellency Eng. Nadhmi Al-Nasr, and a lecture on Saudi Aramco National Development Programs for His Excellency Dr. Senior Vice President of Aramco for National Development, after which a dialogue session entitled The Role of Investments in Building Gulf and Arab Cities.

On the other hand, the Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Saleh bin Amileh Al-Rashidi, expressed his thanks and appreciation to His Excellency the President of the University, Prof. Dr. Saleh bin Abdullah Al-Mizil, for his support and permanent sponsorship of the programs and activities of the Deanship and his keenness on the participation of students in such programs that seek to highlight the efforts of municipal investment, which is an essential enabler for the development of Saudi cities, which contributes positively to the quality of services provided to their residents and visitors and the quality of life in them to achieve the goals of the Kingdom's Vision 2030, and to His Excellency the Vice President for Affairs Educational a. D. Mohammed bin Saleh Al-Aboudi for his constant follow-up and guidance.

UQU Vice President Inaugurates (Together to Reduce Traffic Accidents) Exhibition with the Participation of a Number of Security, Health and Educational Sectors in Ramah Governorate




The Vice President of the University, Prof. Muslim bin Muhammad Al-Dosari, opened an awareness exhibition under the slogan (Together to reduce traffic accidents), which was held at the Applied College in Ramah Governorate with the participation of a number of security, health and educational sectors in the governorate, and this exhibition implemented by the Salik Center for Traffic Safety comes as one of the programs and events organized by the center, which aims to spread awareness and traffic culture among the university employees and the surrounding community, and Mr. Miteb bin Muhammad Al-Maimouni - Director General of the Services Department - stated that The exhibition received a variety of participations from vital sectors, with the participation of public education schools in Ramah Governorate, in order to raise the level of traffic safety in the governorate through partnership with the concerned authorities, and stated that the exhibition, which was opened by the Vice President of the University, Prof. Muslim Al-Dosari, with the Director of the Education Office in Rammah, Mr. Mahdi Al-Sahli, comes as an extension of the initiative (Draw and Color) implemented in public education schools, and also enhances the university's efforts in spreading the importance of traffic safety for students, especially students of this stage, and added Al-Maimouni said that the exhibition, since its first hours of opening, has received organized and multiple visits by students of general education and university education in Ramah Governorate, and it also received a good influx by the local community, and Al-Maimouni appreciated to His Excellency the President of the University, Prof. Saleh Al-Mizil, his continuous support for spreading traffic safety programs in all sectors of the university to serve male and female students and the community, in advance his sincere thanks to the Vice President of the University, Prof. Muslim Al-Dosari, for his care and interest in implementing the traffic safety plan in Ramah Governorate to raise the level of Al-Maimouni also thanked the General Administration of Administrative and Financial Affairs for the continuous support, all work teams, the college administration and participants from vital sectors in Ramah Governorate, and partners in the private sector who enriched the activities of the exhibition with what they presented, wishing that the impact of this exhibition would be reflected in achieving the Kingdom's vision and the Quality of Life Program with regard to reducing the percentage of traffic accidents.


Public Services completes all qualifying transport plans during the examination period for the second semester


The General Administration of Services completed all qualifying transport plans during the examination period for the second semester in an effort to ensure the flow of service provided to university students by intensifying their readiness, and sought in the past period to prepare emergency plans and equip all supporting units to ward off risks, and also stressed the careful follow-up of everything related to the follow-up of weather fluctuations, a safe unit and a risk management platform for the routes, where the Vice President of the University, Prof. Muslim bin Muhammad Al-Dosari, stated that the university has completed all Supporting equipment for transporting students from homes to college headquarters to perform final exams by increasing and diversifying transport lines to ensure the flow of transportation and facilitate the service of obtaining them, taking into account the shortening of the period in transportation by increasing the number of transport buses and reducing the distance of the transport line and the number of students in each bus, taking into account the work of protocols related to addressing the risks of the Corona pandemic, and the addition of direct transport lines to homes was approved after the students finished the tests, and this comes in implementation of directives and follow-up President of the University, Prof. Saleh bin Abdullah Al-Mizil, for the quality of services provided and harnessing all capabilities to serve university students.


Student Housing Unit



It is one of the departments of the Deanship of Student Affairs linked to the Vice Dean for Student Affairs, and it is concerned with the full supervision of student housing services at the university of all kinds.

Tasks of the Student Housing Unit:

1- Receiving new students and accommodating them.

2- Follow-up student housing in terms of furniture, cleanliness and everything related to students in their housing throughout the year.

3- Preparing rooms to receive students in coordination with the concerned departments during the year.

4- Transferring students between rooms and housing units according to the standards and controls set by the Deanship.

5- The transport and inventory committees, each in its own capacity, correct the situation of individual students by inventorying and transporting their students' luggage after they were cut off from the university for any reason and keeping them in the warehouses designated for them.

6- Preparing the administration's budget for the annual needs provided by the university to new and old students, such as furniture and furnishings, and transferring them from the university's public warehouses to the administration's warehouses to be delivered to students.

7- Preparing summons forms for students when they request to review any administration at the university and deliver them through their rooms and mail.

8- Distributing the instructions and instructions issued by the university to students and placing them on the bulletin board in all housing units, student clubs, the central restaurant, the cooperative society and student activity centers.

9- Receiving maintenance requests submitted by students, keeping them in a special record and sending them for maintenance.

Student Housing Unit

(It will be activated in case of student housing)

King Saud Theater Club at Majmaah University

The Deanship of Student Affairs at Majmaah University received a delegation from the Theater Club at King Saud University, who was a guest of the university as part of a program of visits between Saudi universities. Upon their arrival, they were received by His Excellency Mr. Fahd bin Freih Al-Rashidi, Vice Dean of the Deanship, where he welcomed the delegation, after which the Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Hamad bin Abdullah Al-Qumaizi, met with the delegation to hold a meeting between the officials of the Deanship and the delegation of King Saud University to discuss ways of joint cooperation between Majmaah King Saud University, where the Deanship of Student Affairs seeks during this academic year to establish a theater club, and the Deanship of Student Affairs has organized a full reception for them and introductory programs to the university and the Deanship. It is worth mentioning that Majmaah University, represented by the Deanship of Student Affairs, receives a number of delegations from the Kingdom's universities every year in order to achieve the role of cooperation between Saudi universities and the exchange of experiences between them.

Theatrical activities

Theatrical activities: (male and female)

They are activities that are directly related to the stage and all these activities aim to produce an integrated theater staff that serves the university in its theatrical concerts and aims to refine student talents for the desired benefit.