Course Description

The course introduces students to some basic issues in applied linguistics that pertain to second language learning and teaching.  Topics will include:

a. A definition of the term and its relation to other disciplines.

b. A brief discussion of language learning theories.

c. Factors affecting second language learning, age factors, personality factors, socio-cultural factors in ESL learning.

d. Learning strategies.

e. Communicative competence

f. Learner language


Course Aims

1.     Recognize domains of applied linguistics in solving second language learning problems

2.     Explain the main theories of second language learning

3.     Compare and contrast the different theories of second language acquisition

4.     Identify individual factors affecting second language acquisition.

5.     Identify main teaching methods

6.     Compare and contrast teaching methods.

7.     Discuss issues related to second language acquisition and present opposing arguments

 10. Analyze hypothetical problems related to second language acquisition and predict outcomes