Course Description

This core course introduces the student to some of the prevailing themes, trends and genres in Victorian poetry.  The student is expected to be acquainted with the social, political, historical and literary background of the period prior to starting the textual study of some representative poems of the era.  The first three lectures of the term form the introductory form of the course, while the rest is assigned to the actual study of the prescribed texts.

The three seminal poets that represent the era are: Tennyson; Browning; and Arnold, and the topics to be discussed are: The Artist and Society; Man’s Identity in the World; The Dramatic Monologue


Course Aims

  1. Identify Victorian literary tradition, its main figures (canonized / sub-canonized) and literary characteristics
  2. Discuss intellectual, historical, political and social issues relevant to understanding Victorian poetry
  3. Analyze a large selection of Victorian poems by both male and female poets.
  4. Apply several critical approaches to poetry.
  5. Conduct adequate and coherent research papers (on poetry).

Learning Outcomes

  1. Reasonable understanding of the Victorian poetic tradition and its main figures (males, females, canonized, sub-canonized) and literary characteristics
  2. Good knowledge of the intellectual, historical, political and social background relevant to an understanding of the Victorian literary tradition
  3. Expand students understanding of the characteristics of Victorian poetry through references to the Romantic predecessors and the Modern successors of the age..
  4. Familiarity with several critical approaches to poetry.
  5. Familiarity with several critical approaches to poetry
  6. The ability to think critically and analytically
  7. Acquaintance with methods of writing research papers
  8. The ability to explain the Victorian tradition as distinct from other literary traditions